“...visually it's a knockout.”
(ic. Liverpool)

“Theatre that is fresh and inventive”
(Scotland‘s Sunday Herald)
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Szenenbild The Ark
Fotos: © M. Louden   
Noah's Ark, Lee Beagley / Esther Wilson
Regie: Lee Beagley
Bühne/Figuren: Anna Siegrot / Jo Pocock
Kostüme: Kevin Pollard, Licht: Johnny Goodwin
Video-Animationen: Matt Mawford
Theater: Walk the Plank, 2005

“The cats are hissing. The dogs are barking. Food is running out. And a power-crazed parrot is trying to take control of the Ark. Only Noah's grandchild, Francis, can avert disaster and help carry out Professor Noah's plans for survival. Wonderful puppetry, great acting and humour all combine in this family show, (…) ”

“(...) visually it's a knockout. The designs by Anna Siegrot (set), Kevin Pollard (costumes) and Jo Pockock (puppets) are constantly eye-popping. The set is a box that is turned to create different images, from cages to a control deck, the costumes dress the cast of five as everything from parrots and monkeys to humans while the puppets (rats, the Professor, puppies, birds, etc) are amazing.”
ic. Liverpool

“Theatre that is fresh and inventive, fun for all the family... one of the most innovative adaptations you'll see. No frills. Great drama“
Scotland's Sunday Herald